Effective Networking Practices Part 1

The problem is no one besides that 3% of people who actually succeed in their own business really knows what it means and how to do it effectively.

Quite simply the main thing you are looking for in your networking is to find someone who can help you make money!  Now I just skipped about 10 crucial steps that will help you do so, but always keep your eye on the prize.  You are looking for business, clients, and leads to help your business grow.

Whether that person is on an airplane, at a local networking event, 2012 World Series Champion Cubs game, or just a good friend you have not spoken with; you are trying to see if you can make money from that person plain and simple.

You may think I am using them but through the extensive training programs I have taken, I was taught how to build a mutually beneficial relationship.  Tens of thousands of dollars in sales coaching later, I quickly realized that I have left millions on the table in my career!

What you will always strive for is a winning relationship for both parties.  Each and every time I have ever made money from anyone it has been a win-win relationship.  That person received something of value in return.  Whether it was a product, service, a business lead, or a good feeling that they left that encounter better off.

In Part 1 of this Blog I wanted to cover the introduction or elevator pitch that you can use to gather attention.  In Part 2 and Part 3 I will cover two very critical aspects of networking.

Your Elevator Pitch

I’m not sure if you are like me, but you may have been given the chance to do an elevator pitch in a situation with 5, 10, or maybe more people in the room, that all get a few seconds to talk about their business.  If it hasn’t happened yet get ready and you better be prepared when it does.  Most importantly you better knock it out of the park (Stalin Castro Style). You can probably tell I am a die hard Cubs fan by now.

So here is what is in a good introduction….

Part 1 “Who I Am”- Be sure to stand up and address the crowd if possible, speak loudly, and announce who you are with a nice fancy title like President or CEO, or whatever title you have. Just make sure it’s something that can grab people’s attention.

Part 2 “What I Do- Talk in affect to your actual job title and what you do” Make this kind of short as the next part is the most important!

Part 3 “What I DO for People” You must hit a home run with your audience on this one.  You really have to tell people the pain that you take away.  If there was no pain in someone’s life then why on earth would they be at a networking event?  They would be at home with their families watching that favorite TV show or outdoors.  Every business person has a pain and if you can show how your product or service would drastically reduce that pain or headache you would be well on your way to making a great impression in your introduction.  Focus on what you do that sets you apart from those other people at that same event pitching what you pitch.  What makes you so much better than the next guy and how are you going to specifically help with my problem?

Now I am going to give you two different introductions to choose from and you can be the judge on which one has a bigger impact.

Introduction 1 “My name is Casey Cavell and I am a real estate investor.  I focus on investing in self-storage facilities and currently own investment properties in three different states.  I have my real estate license, own a few other businesses, and starting a new company as well.  I have partnered with a few people that are looking to partner with a few more people that are interested in making some money.”

Introduction 2 “My Name is Casey Cavell and I am the President of Always Open Storage. In the past four years I have built a significant real estate portfolio during these terrible economic conditions.  I have helped numerous people generate an outstanding return on their investment dollars in this risky climate by giving people an investment vehicle that was proven and ran by someone who was an expert in the business.

I am now turning my focusing on helping others who are looking to become financially free through either passive investments or partners looking to help me launch a brand new company which is poised to become a multi million dollar business within a very short amount of time.  I greatly appreciate this opportunity and looking forward to developing some great relationships.

Ok so which one had you wanting more???  I am sure number two!

In the second introduction I gave myself a title and then I showed people that I was able to do something that not many have done in a very bleak time in our economy.  I also positioned myself as an expert and showed people that even though things are scary I am a person that can help you manage these risky times.  I then positioned myself as someone looking for partners on a new company that I am launching and I gave value on that new company stating that it would be a tremendous opportunity.  That introduction hits the most points and really opens myself up to others who are curious about what I am doing so they can seek me out.

The main advice that I can give you is to be sure to take batting practice before you enter the game.  When you are heading to a networking event be sure to practice before you arrive and know exactly what you are going to say and how you are going to say it in order to get the very best possible outcome.  Feel free to shoot me over what you are thinking and I will give you my expert opinion!

You will do great.

Casey Cavell

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