Business Strategist, Power Connector, and Chief Focus Officer for Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs

Over the last two decades, I have built dozens of award-winning businesses and a fifty-million-dollar portfolio.

Now, I empower entrepreneurs & business owners to decide what they want, develop a plan to make it happen, and ensure they stay focused on what matters most.

Our entrepreneurial partners build profitable and purposeful businesses, which allow the owners to put their families first and pursue other passions.

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"Casey helped transform our business from what we thought was 'normal' day-to-day headaches into a well-oiled machine! Casey did this by getting the right people in the right seats and building our processes and implementing them with our team. Casey isn't JUST a coach or consultant, they are a vested partner with their client's interested in mind."

Dave Sollis (Visionary)
Owner of Ultimate Autographs

"Asset Defense Team hired Casey to evaluate our company and help us get started in the right direction. Casey and his team were insightful, intuitive, very honest, and upfront with the assessment of our company and staff. This information was imperative to help our company grow and make the correct changes that Bob and I, as owners, were unable to see. I would recommend Casey and his team for any business that is either new or established, so they can get an inside look at their company and learn new proper skill sets on how to be healthy."

Jim Walker (Integrator)
Co-Founder of Asset Defense Team

"Casey was instrumental in getting us over a hump in our business. Their teamā€™s knowledge and use of their operational system were foundational in giving us an immediate common language to build from and they were quickly able to build trust with our team and customers. They proved they werenā€™t afraid to get their hands dirty to fight for our success. I would not hesitate to recommend Casey if you are looking to make significant gains in your business."

Benj Miller (Visionary)
Co-Founder, NINETY

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