David Manka Testimonial

Casey’s accomplishments are extraordinary.  Don’t let his youth fool you.  He has already learned how to succeed in business, and he has led others, including me, down the path of success.  It’s not about making a quick buck or taking advantage of people.  It’s about building relationships.  Casey gets that, and has made it the foundation of his success.

And I should know.  I was on the buying end of Casey’s biggest deal to date, and I happily funded his handsome paycheck at the closing table.  Why?  Because he created a great deal for both of us, and everyone at closing profited.  This is what good business is all about, and Casey is a master.

Casey is gifted at finding opportunities and adding value quickly.  He does so with an enthusiasm and charisma that is contagious.  His success comes from much more than a positive attitude.  Casey is a highly accomplished and experienced entrepreneur and leader, pursuing the American dream.  He can lead you, too.

David Manka


Steady Storage

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