Three Feet from Gold-Association

As promised another one of the five points to a successful life from “Three Feet from Gold” This topic is going to be on association. Some people believe that being in the right place at the right time is the way to success. In a way that is true, some people have had that happen to them, but if they would not been associating with the right person, success may not have came their way. So, it is really not being in the right place at the right time, it is who you are associating with that can have the biggest impact on your life.

Associating yourself with successful individuals and others that are smarter than you is how I have become a successful business man.  When I was just getting started out of college I did not know a thing about commercial real estate or self storage, so what did I do?  I went on ebay and bought a big lot of commercial real estate investing books and was instantly given 15 mentors.  That was how I started associating myself with successful people, I do realize that not everyone who writes a book should be your direct mentor, but it was a start.  Of those fifteen books I read I then went out and contacted a few of those authors directly.  Jim Randle the author of “Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur” was one of those that I sought out.  I always judged myself as an entrepreneur and wanted to be involved with real estate so why not contact him, he was exactly what I wanted to be.  I went out and found his personal website, his personal email address, his phone number, and so on.  I am aggressive by nature and when I see something I want or someone that I want to be like I do my best and take all the possible routes to get there.  One of those best routes that I have found through experience is associating yourself with like minded individuals, who have been there and done that, and can hold your hand on the way.

Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet. Eventually you will find the right ones with your same goals. You may be the one someday that everyone looks to for advice and hope for their future!

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