Three Feet From Gold-Action

The most important principal is of the book “Three Feet from Gold” is action. This is one thing that the majority of us will never use in our lifetime. Every day we are all blessed with many different things and given different opportunities.  However, we never take action or do anything good with the opportunities presented to us.  Here is a good quote to live by “It is not what you are given in life, it’s what you do with it”. I have been given a lot in my life and have been surrounded and blessed by many people. I have taken those things that I was given and done something good with them and this expanded all the things in my life.

I have traveled, coached, and spoke on the real estate seminar circuit a lot in the past. My experience has been; you have a room of 500 people and I go up there and motivate them, speaking about my success. When I am done everyone stands up and is ready to go do it, then you check in later and no action was taken.  This is one thing that really bothers me, when people have been given the tools and the blueprint for success but do not take action.  Business is not easy, trust me, and this may be why people choose not to take action or when they do take action it is just too much for them and they give up.  It has been said that 90% of startups fail in the first year and there is a reason for that, it’s called “Business is not easy.” However, if you really look at those businesses that fail they were never really given a chance to succeed.  They did not have the education, resources, and the blueprint that many people have been given like myself.  I would suggest that each of you that are ready to take action go out and find a mentor, someone who has taken action in their lives and trail in their footsteps.  They are there so when you are knocked down on the mat, which you will be in business, you will know how to get right back up and keep fighting.

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