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Friday Drive #006 - Business Sabotage

Jul 21, 2023

Read Time: 90 Seconds


Losing sight of the people contributing to our success is becoming a common practice of leaders at all levels. But the truth is significant achievement has only been realized with the power of collaboration and the support of a dedicated team.

Today, I urge you to pause and reflect on the importance of your key leaders—those who are by your side, propelling your vision forward. Take the time to connect with them as professionals and as human beings. Investing in their growth and well-being can foster a culture that transcends the day-to-day grind and ignites long-term success.

To guide your conversations with your key leaders, here are some essential questions that will help you understand their perspectives, gauge their alignment with your vision, and ensure their sense of fulfillment along the journey:


  • Do you wholeheartedly believe in our team, our collective potential, and the long-term vision of our company?
  • Is this a company that can help you ultimately achieve what you want, personally and professionally?


  • Are you clear about your role, its significance, and impact on our mission?
  • Do you find joy and fulfillment in the work you do?


  • Do you feel heard, valued, and respected within our organization? Do you believe that your opinions and ideas matter?

In conclusion, let's challenge the prevailing mindset that perceives teams merely as a means to an end. Instead, let's embrace a new paradigm—a culture that genuinely values and empowers each individual within our organization.

By dedicating time to connect with your key leaders and encouraging them to do the same with their teams, you will cultivate an environment that thrives on collaboration, growth, and shared success.

Stay Focused,
Casey Cavell

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