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Friday Focus #037 - The 6 Inch Putt

Feb 23, 2024

Read Time: 90 Seconds


Whether a CEO, Athletic Director, Coach, etc., you often become go-to problem solvers, creating bottlenecks for your team. To liberate yourself and cultivate a solutions-focused team, embrace the "6-inch Putt" principle.

The 6-Inch Putt Analogy

Sinking a 6-inch putt in golf is effortless compared to the long journey from tee to green. Similarly, in running an organization, empower your team to provide solutions instead of relying on you. Empower them to devise a solution you can "tap in" to solve rather than being the one to figure it all out.

Empower Your Team

When presented with problems, ask for solutions and encourage individuals to propose resolutions. Challenge them to identify root problems, causes, and action plans.

Demand a well-thought-out proposal—the 6-inch putt for new ideas or opportunities. Encourage critical thinking and initiative. Ideas are great, but you want to empower leaders to develop actionable plans to solve issues or start a new initiative.

Don't run around putting out fires and being the one to solve everyone else's problem; teach others how to clarify things, and by the time they come to you next, they will already have a solution for you to approve.

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