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Friday Drive #035 - Surround Yourself with the Right People

Feb 09, 2024

Read Time: 90 Seconds


Whether you are a coach recruiting players or a business owner recruiting people, it's crucial to distinguish between those you love working with who produce the best results and those who don't.

Who is the ideal team member? That you wish you had more of.

To attract and retain the right team members, consider these aspects:

  1. Demographics: Who are they? Define vital demographic details.
  2. Psychographics: What do they want? Explore motivations, desires, and pain points.
  3. Geographics: Where are they located? Identify target geographic areas.

Clarity Equals Success

By gaining clarity on your ideal team member, you create a guide to ensure you have an entire team of people who are the right fit.

Take some time to think more about the favorite people you have ever worked with, from both a values standpoint and skill. If you are a coach, the favorite players you have coached. Write down why, and spend your time finding more of those types of people for your team or organization.

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