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Friday Drive #022 - How to Fix Your Attitude Problem & Get More Energy… FAST

Nov 10, 2023

Read Time: 90 Seconds


In a world filled with promises of energy drinks, pills, and formulas, it's crucial to address the root cause of our energy levels—our tendency to overlook fundamental practices that truly invigorate us.

We recently had the privilege of hosting Justin Roethlingshoefer on our podcast:, and he shared a game-changing concept called the "three, two, one" formula, designed to revolutionize your daily routine and supercharge your vitality.

Let's break down this transformative framework:

Three Hours Before Bed: No Major Meals Consistency is key. Set a sleep schedule with a 30-minute window and stick to it around 90% of the time. Avoid substantial meals within three hours of bedtime. This helps optimize sleep quality by allowing blood flow to the brain, facilitating toxin removal, and supporting memory consolidation.

Two Hours Before Bed: No Work As entrepreneurs, our minds are always at work. Yet, mental, spiritual, and emotional stress impact our sleep. Disconnect from work two hours before bed. Avoid decision-making, email-checking, and planning. Let your mind disengage and prepare for restoration.

One Hour Before Bed: Eliminate Blue Light Blue light from screens disrupts melatonin release, delaying sleep. Dim screens, power down devices, and eliminate blue light exposure an hour before bed. Prepare your body for a revitalizing night's sleep.

Listen to the podcast episode for a deeper dive into this concept. Implementing these tips will yield rapid results, unlocking your full potential.

Reclaim your vitality with the "three, two, one" formula. Experience improved sleep, enhanced performance, and overall well-being.

Don't let exhaustion hinder your progress. Infuse your entrepreneurial journey with lasting vigor and resilience.

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