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Friday Drive #012 - The “Me” Monster

Sep 01, 2023

Read Time: 90 Seconds


In a world where many people are driven by self-interest, we must reflect on our actions and ensure we're not falling into the trap of being a "Me Monster."

While you may not be as extreme as the person in the video I'm about to share, it's worth considering if your leadership style might unintentionally lean toward self-centeredness.

So, how can you gauge if you've become a Me Monster?

Take a moment to reflect on the following questions about your key leaders:

  • What is their vision for their lives? What does success look like for them?

Have you ever engaged your team members in these conversations? If so, have you documented their aspirations?

  • Do you understand what your team members want personally and professionally? Are you aware of their values and priorities?
  • Have you inquired about their financial and personal goals and the burdens they may carry?

Most leaders approach their teams by saying, "I hired you to deliver results for our company and fulfill our objectives." However, great leaders take a different approach: "I hired you to help you achieve what you want."

By putting the visions of others above your own, you will cultivate a team that is fully committed to your shared objectives. You will foster an environment where individuals love working for you, and, most importantly, you will enable them to succeed in all areas of their lives.

Remember, true leadership lies in empowering and uplifting those around you.

Stay Focused,
Casey Cavell

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