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Friday Drive #011 - Work S.M.A.R.T Not Hard

Aug 25, 2023

Read Time: 90 Seconds


Have you ever spent valuable time on a task only to realize it was a complete waste?

In business, most of our time is spent on activities that make little impact. Only a few things drive progress, and the key lies in doing the right things in the correct order.

Businesses must prioritize their tasks effectively weekly, monthly, and quarterly. However, many do the RIGHT things in the WRONG order or pick the wrong priorities.

So, what can you do to break free from this cycle?

It starts with meeting with your team quarterly to ensure everyone shares a clear vision for the company. Then, select a handful of priorities to tackle each quarter. In Stephen Covey's words, these are your "Rocks"—the essential tasks, projects, or goals that must be accomplished.

To ensure these key priorities are successfully executed, I advocate "plan the work then work the plan." When identifying your Rocks, make them S.M.A.R.T by answering the following questions:

Specific: Clearly define what you will specifically accomplish.

Measurable: Determine how you will measure success.

Attainable: Assess whether you can realistically achieve the goal.

Relevant: Ensure the priority aligns with your overall mission and vision.

Timeframe: Outline all the necessary steps to accomplish the long-term goal.

Many people stop at setting quarterly goals, but true success lies in meticulous planning and diligent execution.

By selecting the right priorities (Rocks) and developing well-crafted plans to achieve them, you'll set your business on the path to turning your vision into reality.

Refrain from letting valuable time slip away or catching yourself up on tasks that won't move the needle. Embrace a strategic approach to prioritize your efforts and maximize your business's potential.

Stay Focused,
Casey Cavell

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