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Friday Focus #010 - Break Free from the Grind: Elevate Your Business with Strategic Retreats

Aug 18, 2023

Read Time: 2 Minutes


Most entrepreneurs are in the "grind." However, what starts as a temporary season can quickly become an endless cycle, leaving you feeling drained and disconnected from the joy of running your own business.

Allow me to share a robust solution—a meeting that will breathe new life into your team, reignite their passion, and enable you to enjoy the journey and chart a clear path to success. Companies must focus on discussing their vision, aligning their team, debating key priorities, and resolving issues hindering progress. This would be titled working "on" the business vs. "in" the business, which runs the day-to-day.

Most agree they need to work "on" it but don't prioritize it.

Here's what I propose:

Every 90 days, block a full or 1/2 day, retreat to an off-site location, and follow a carefully crafted meeting agenda. Allow me to share a plan I use with a few of our clients:

Step 1: Check-In:

  • Personal Best of the Last 90 Days: Celebrate wins, big and small, in their personal lives, with their children, and within their families.
  • Professional Best of the Last 90 Days: Reflect on the most rewarding aspects of their job or the business over the past quarter.
  • Expectations for Today's Meeting: Define what each participant hopes to achieve during this gathering.

Step 2: Review:

  • Review the Organizational Chart: Ensure everyone understands their place within the organization and their specific responsibilities.
  • Review the Business Plan: This includes revisiting core values, mission statements, and the vision of the business.
  • Review the Previous 90-Day Results:
  1. Examine the numbers: Did you achieve the goals set for the quarter?
  2. Evaluate completed projects: Did you accomplish the tasks you set out to do?

Be sure to Celebrate Successes: Acknowledge the wins and appreciate the individuals who made them happen.

Identify Challenges: Discuss the areas where improvement is needed and address any issues hindering progress.

Step 3: Plan for the Next 90 Days

  • Set Clear Goals: Determine the financial targets
  • Define Key Projects: Choose a few significant initiatives the company and each individual must undertake to achieve the established goals.
  • Solve Key Issues: Provide a platform to discuss challenges openly, evaluate team composition, and address the root causes of issues.

Dedicating time to these strategic meetings will bring new life into your business. Rejuvenate your team, align your vision, and create a roadmap to surpass your goals.

Stay Focused,
Casey Cavell

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