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Friday Drive #001 - From Chaos to Clarity: Mapping Your Business's Ideal Destination

Jun 16, 2023

Read time: 90 seconds


Being a business owner often feels like being on a roller coaster, the ups, the downs, the twist, the turns... it can be exhausting.

It doesn't have to be this way.

When you jump in your car for a family vacation, I doubt you jump in, start randomly driving, and figure out where you are going. You have a destination in mind, have your GPS pulled up, and already plotted the best path.

But business owners often do the exact opposite.

Very few have mapped out the "ideal destination" of where they want to be, so they have no idea how to measure success, know if they are on course, or when they have arrived.

This leads to a life of unfulfillment and dissatisfaction.

Think Time

What is the goal of your business?

The goal of your business should be to serve your lifestyle rather than you serving your business.

What lifestyle do you want to live, and why do you want to live it?

Do you need a certain amount of money in the bank, reach a particular net worth, or achieve a certain level of cash flow?

What's the end goal?

Or it could be something beyond money, a specific impact you want to have on people, or a lifestyle you want your business to afford you to live.

Whatever it is, you need to build a business that serves your life rather than you serving your business.

Define the destination and enjoy the journey.

What comes up for you reading this? Hit reply and let me know.

Stay Focused,
Casey Cavell

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