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If you are a leader at any level, explore simple & practical knowledge that will help you become an MVP at what you do. Learn from business leaders & superstars on and off the field, and discover the secrets behind their success. This podcast will grow you as a person & and as a leader...

Welcome to the Dugout CEO Podcast

May 10, 2023

Hey, it's Casey Cavell, host of "The Dugout CEO Podcast," and I'm thrilled you're here for Episode 1! This podcast is all about helping you become an MVP in your game, whether you're a baseball fan, player, business owner, leader, or coach.

From my love for baseball to becoming a pro poker player, then transitioning to business, I've had an exciting journey. Now, join me on this growth-focused, open-minded, and lifelong learning adventure. Let's make you an MVP!

If you are growth-minded, open-minded, and a lifelong learner, this podcast is for you.

Three of my favorite show segments will be:

  1. "Home Run" The most favorite "Home Run" our guests have ever hit, in business or in they made it happen.
  2. "Swing and Miss" Life isn't full of home runs; sometimes you swing and miss... something didn't turn out as planned; we will talk about what happened and what they learned.
  3. My fav segment, "Chin Music," - One thing that our guests do or believe that might be contrarian to most people, or their biggest piece of advice for Dugout Nation, that will challenge our listeners. 

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