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Developing an All-Star Mindset (Shea Hillenbrand) - A Double Hitter Episode

Jun 27, 2024

On this episode of The Dugout CEO, we have Shea Hillenbrand, a 2-Time MLB All-Star with an Emmy® Award Winning Story. Shea's experiences and insights both on and off the field provide valuable lessons for personal growth and achieving greatness.

During our conversation, Shea Hillenbrand shared key elements for personal growth and success. Slowing down is crucial for making calculated decisions, staying focused, and analyzing situations before taking action. Accelerating learning involves surrounding yourself with accomplished individuals who offer insights and growth opportunities. Embracing true identity and conquering fear, including fear of success and failure, allows individuals to pursue goals with confidence and authenticity. By implementing these principles, individuals enhance their chances of reaching the top and becoming a better version of themselves.


  • Handling failure for growth: Viewing failure as an opportunity for learning and growth, using setbacks to propel forward.
  • Taking control of personal narrative: Owning and aligning personal narrative with faith, values, beliefs, and purpose.
  • Understanding authentic identity: Slowing down to comprehend authentic identity, reflecting on values, strengths, and passions for aligned decisions and actions.
  • Overcoming fear of failure, success, and opinions: Embracing fears, pushing past them, and pursuing goals and dreams without being held back.
  • Developing a winning game plan and preparation: Setting clear goals, creating actionable strategies, and investing in skill and knowledge development.

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