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Building Your Dream Team: Surrounding Yourself with Successful Minds (Jacob Turner)

Apr 18, 2024

Unlock the secrets to success by curating the right team, staying focused on your vision, and continuously enhancing your skills. Join us on this exciting new episode of the Dugout CEO with our guest, the founder of Moment Private Wealth, Jacob Turner!


  • Compounding in Life and Skill Building: Jacob emphasizes the significance of compounding in financial investments and life through continuous skill development. The idea is that consistent efforts in skill-building contribute to long-term success.
  • Financial Education and Goal Setting: Jacob stresses the importance of learning about available financial options and understanding personal financial goals. He recommends that individuals focus on what truly matters and align their financial decisions with their long-term objectives.
  • Surrounding Yourself with Supportive People: Jacob highlights the significance of having a supportive spouse, family, and mentors when pursuing entrepreneurial or athletic endeavors. Surrounding oneself with people who provide encouragement and advice is crucial for success.
  • Quality Over Quantity in Work and Decision Making: Focusing on high-impact activities rather than merely being busy. Quality decision-making and prioritizing tasks significantly contribute to progress and are key to success.
  • Challenging Beliefs about Money and Homeownership: Jacob challenges common beliefs, specifically that owning a home is always a good investment. He encourages individuals to understand home ownership's true costs, including fixed and recurring expenses.

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