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Building Self-Led Teams: The Art of Letting Go (Mark Hochgesang)

Feb 15, 2024

With Oregon Sports Angels Investor and Heavy Hitter Sports Podcast host Mark Hochgesang, we explored the art of hiring great people, fostering a self-led team, and the importance of making an impact beyond financial success. Join us on this exciting new episode of the Dugout CEO!


  • Nike's Success Factors: success factors behind Nike, attributing it to Phil Knight's leadership, the influence of iconic athletes like Michael Jordan, and the strategic validation through product lines like Air Jordan
  • Hiring and Empowering Talent: the significance of hiring great talent, assembling a talented team, and then empowering them. Mark believes in creating an environment where individuals feel motivated and empowered to contribute their best
  • Podcasting and Continuous Learning: transition into podcasting after retiring from Nike. The podcast serves as a platform for continuous learning, allowing him to connect with influential individuals in the sports industry and gain insights from their experiences
  • Youth Sports Motivation and Cultural Shifts: the challenges of motivating young athletes in today's environment, emphasizing the need for a partnership between coaches and athletes. Mark also touched upon the cultural shifts towards player-led or employee-led models in organizations
  • Investing in Startups and Oregon Sports Angels: Mark shared his involvement with Oregon Sports Angels, where he invests in sports-related startups. He expressed his passion for contributing to impactful businesses and mentoring young founders, combining his love for sports and business

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