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A Framework for Making the Impossible Possible (Hammond Moore)

Feb 08, 2024

Discover the essentials of personal and professional growth. Hammond Moore, President of TOCA Soccer, talks about crafting a compelling life vision, establishing accountability with SMART plans, and embracing feedback for transformative development. Challenge perspectives and encourage a proactive approach to life's journey. Join us on this exciting new episode of The Dugout CEO!


  • Persistence and Overcoming Challenges: Hammond Moore emphasizes the importance of persistence and adopting a mindset that views challenges as opportunities. He discusses the significance of overcoming obstacles in both the personal and business aspects of life.
  • Self-Awareness and Personal Development: Hammond highlights the journey of self-discovery and the need for individuals to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, fears, and dreams. He suggests that understanding oneself is crucial for personal development and reaching one's fullest potential.
  • Leadership and Leading Others: The conversation delves into effective leadership, focusing on how leaders should lead themselves first before leading others. Hammond suggests that leaders need external accountability and should help their team members make decisions that align with their personal visions and missions.
  • Vision, Planning, and Execution: Hammond introduces a four-step process that includes knowing oneself, having a compelling vision, creating a plan, and surrounding oneself with a supportive team. He also emphasizes the importance of simplifying business strategies, identifying the two to three things that will have the most significant impact, and aligning them with individual and organizational goals.
  • Enjoying Every Phase of Life: The discussion touches on the idea of reliving the "glory days" and how individuals should embrace and enjoy each phase of life. Hammond suggests that finding contentment in the present and appreciating the journey can lead to a more fulfilling life.

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