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Creating WOW Moments: Impacting Teams and Communities (Tyler Gillum)

Nov 16, 2023

Tyler Gillum, Head Coach of the team Savannah Bananas, shares stories that shaped his character, emphasizing the profound impact individuals can have on one another.

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  • Leadership and Vision at the Savannah Bananas: Discussion about the importance of leadership, particularly Jesse Cole's disciplined approach and commitment to the team's vision. Emphasis on leading by example and fostering a culture of creativity and uniqueness.
  • Connecting with Fans and Breaking Down Barriers: Highlighting the team's focus on creating a personal connection with fans, including the H3 (high five, hug, handshake) approach. Breaking down the traditional barriers between players and fans to create a more engaging and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Banana Land Experience and Entertainment: Describing the unique fan experience at Banana Land games, from the banana orientation to post-game celebrations. Emphasis on creating never-forget moments, connecting with fans during the game, and the team's dedication to entertainment.
  • Real-life Moment with Bill Spaceman Lee: Discussing a challenging and unscripted moment during a game where Bill Spaceman Lee experienced a health scare. The organization's genuine concern, unity, and family culture were highlighted.
  • Bet On Yourself and Positive Impact Goal: Tyler's personal goal is to positively impact 1 million people through baseball, education, and exercise. The "Bet On Yourself" initiative to raise money for baseball gloves for kids on tour emphasizes the importance of self-belief and pursuing one's passion.

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Gain Control of Your Business

The proven process to help you out of the daily grind, gain control of your business, and have time to focus on what matters the most.